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We have made it extremely hard for regular customers to understand when they are looking at a garment on a web site or on a shelf whether its going to fit them and going to look great. Its a pain point. Its superfrustrating to be shopping online or pre-shopping and not having the sense of how something is going to fit. Krakowsky highlighted several Gap initiatives, among them, a dressing room app using augmented reality and Google technology to enable shoppers to select an avatar on their mobile, based on their measurements and see an outfit on the avatar to examine the fit from all sides and angles. Gap began testing it in January. Using the dressing room app and viewing a dress on the avatar, You can see how it hits your butt, how tight it is on the thighs, how long it is, whether it hits below the knee, above the knee, said Krakowsky. It allows you to understand all aspects of how a garment will fit. Initially, Gap experimented using in-store body scanning to create a more precise avatar of a body type. We did it in a concept store used by our employees, but they didnt really like getting naked and having their bodies scanned. Even our own employees didnt like having Gap Inc. store information about their naked bodies. So Gap decided to go with an app enabling shoppers to select measurements for an avatar with a body type like theirs.

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El Corte Ingles also runs supermarkets and DIY stores and has created a stand alone apparel brand, Sfera, to do battle with the likes of Zara and Primark. The firms staid image finds expression in the formal uniforms of its armies of salespeople. El Corte Ingles is always at the forefront of innovation and service, and offers a wide range of products, from premium ones to very competitive ones, aimed at all sort of consumers, a press officer for the company said by phone. A spokesman for Inditex declined to comment. Fast Fashion El Corte Ingles also creates an alternative for all those people who dont want fast-fashion, Aguilar said. What El Corte Ingles does is reach these other type of consumers who seek to differentiate themselves, who seek something more than the likes of Zara. Inditexs advance has seemed relentless as profit has more than tripled to more than 3 billion euros ($3.2 billion) over the past decade. Even so, Inditexs gross margin narrowed to 57 percent from 57.8 percent in the 12 months through January in a sign of increased competition facing retailers. Meanwhile, El Corte Ingles limped through Spains financial crisis. Revenue plunged from 1billion euros in 2007 to 14.2 billion euros in 2013 and recovered to 15.2 billion euros by 2015.

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The Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, speaks to the media while he and his cabinet take part in a two-day Liberal retreat in Calgary, Alberta, Canada January 24, 2017. Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau said the government will put forward a passenger rights law this spring. It is expected to include compensation rules for those denied boarding due to factors within the carrier's control. Mr Garneau announced the plan last year, but restated it as footage of a US passenger being forcibly removed from a flight made global headlines . The incident on Sunday evening's flight from Chicago to Louisville has been a public relations disaster for United Airlines. A spokesman for Mr Garneau said he could not get into the specifics of the Air Travellers Passenger Rights Regime legislation before it is introduced to Parliament. Why do airlines overbook? But in a November 2016 speech to Montreal's Chamber of Commerce, Mr Garneau said Canadian travellers report a sense of frustration at both the cost of air travel and confusion about their rights when flight problems arise. The measure would "ensure that Canadians' rights are protected by rules that are both fair and clear", he said. Image copyright Jayse D. Anspach/Twitter Image caption A United Airline passenger is shown in a video being dragged out of his seat by flight security In 2008, Canada introduced Flight Rights Canada , a voluntary code of conduct for airlines around passenger rights related to tarmac delays, flight cancellations and overbooking. Under that code, if a plane is overbooked or cancelled, a carrier must either find the passenger a seat with another flight, buy the passenger a seat on another carrier with whom it has an agreement, or refund the unused portion of the ticket.